Bliss Fat Girl Slim Review

bliss fat girl slim imageAnother company has entered the anti cellulite fight. Bliss, and their Fat Girl Slim fat fighting cream is claiming that they can tighten and firm your problem areas with two applications a day. Does it work? keep reading my Bliss Fat Girl Slim review to find out.

Key Ingredients

Like most anti cellulite creams, and toning products Caffeine is the key secret ingredient in Bliss’s Fat Girl Slim. Known as a toning ingredient caffeine energizes the skin and increase circulation to the areas it’s applied. This will help drain the area of additional fluid, and can literally flatten fat cells that lay below the skins surface. QuSomes (trademarked term by Bliss) is their proprietary delivery method that helps to penetrate to the deep tissues of the skin below so that the ingredients can be more effective.

Fat Girl Slim, is a cosmetic product so it doesn’t require any FDA approval. None of the ingredients are toxic and most shouldn’t have any adverse reactions to the cream. While there is a chance of allergies, you’ll know soon after application if you feel any irritation or discomfort.

Over all the ingredients match up with similar products on the market, and should provide users with similar results.

Fat Girl Slim Application

Like similar products you’re required to apply Fat Girl Slim twice a day, consistently to see results. The instructions tell you to massage for 30 seconds after application to ensure the ingredients are rubbed well into this skin. My assumption is this aids in the products effectiveness. There are some who claim to feel a cooling sensation then a tingling after application, although this isn’t noticeable by all. The key is consistency in the application. Remember this is a cosmetic product, not a miracle solution. So it does require consistent usage for it to work. If you stop applying it then Bliss Fat Girl Slim will not continue to provide benefits.

Bliss suggests using Fat Girl Slim in combination with Bliss Simulator massager and/or the Bliss Thigh High Serum. How ever, nothing I could find suggested that it was required in order to see results.

The most important part that played a role in whether women saw a difference or not was time, and correct application. Those that said they saw no difference generally didn’t apply it often enough or give the product long enough to work.

The Results

The majority of people that have used Bliss’s Fat Girl Slim cream did see results. The fastest noted was approximately 2 weeks, while the average was probably 3 weeks to a month. The severity of your cellulite areas, and where you’re applying the cream will have a lot to do with the results you’ll see. The more severe your cellulite, the more drastic of a change you’ll see. The aim of this cream is to tighten and firm the skin, not burn or remove fat. It’s important to make that distinction to ensure you aren’t left disappointed after several weeks of use.


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