Mesotherapy an Effective Treatment For Cellulite?

There are a huge range of anti-cellulite treatments and procedures on the market and the choice is baffling. When considering the use of mesotherapy in treating cellulite, the best question to start with is exactly what is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a word which comes from the Greek words meaning middle and therapy. The treatment consists of a series of injections into the middle layer of the skin, known as the mesoderm. Things that are injected into the skin are generally homoeopathic remedies, plant extracts and vitamins. These ingredients are said to work by helping break down the fat and thus reduce the appearance of cellulite on the surface of the skin. The active ingredients in the injections also help to improve the circulation and drainage of the tissues in the skin and immediately below the surface of the skin.

Mesotherapy has been used for many years in France and elsewhere in Europe. Although initially developed as a treatment for infectious diseases or vascular disease, its cosmetic potential was soon noticed. Mesotherapy is carried out as a course of treatment and will comprise of two or three sessions of injections per week, for a period of four to eight weeks. After that, it is recommended that the treatment cycle is repeated once per year to maintain the effects.

Remarkable results are reported by people who have used mesotherapy successfully, and some report losses of up to two dress sizes or up to ten inches over the course of the treatments. As people who practice mesotherapy recommend a change in lifestyle along with the injections, it is hard to know for certain whether it is the mesotherapy which is having the effect or whether it is the improved diet and increased exercise. There is also a lack of clinical evidence that mesotherapy does actually work and its effects have not been sufficiently proven in clinical trials to know whether or not it can be recommended. Homeopathy in itself is a contentious issue, and many do not believe that the science behind it stacks up. The course of treatment can also be very costly. Injections are never pain free, and many women may not be keen on the idea of twice weekly injections for a period of up to six weeks. There is an alternative method involving rolling the active ingredients onto the skin using a special electric roller which is less painful but may not be offered at all salons.

Mesotherapy certainly seems to be a novel and interesting approach in the battle against cellulite, but until its effects have been proven it may be better to save your money and buy something which can demonstrate its effects.


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