Procellix Review

procellix cream

The toughest part about evaluating the effectiveness of any anti cellulite product is that the results one women achieves are not always transferable to someone else.

Our bodies are all different, therefore we have to take other peoples experiences into consideration, but at the same time look at the facts of whether a product could potentially deliver effective results based on the ingredients used.


In the case of Procellix they have created a proprietary blend of cellulite fighting ingredients Aminophylline (a phrameceutical grade asthma meditation) and caffeine (a known all natural cellulite fighter).

These two active ingredients combined with several other all natural ingredients tone and firm the skin while reducing the size of fat cells below the skine. The end result is you see less cellulite dimples and bumps on the parts of your body where you apply Procellix.

The science behind the active ingredient Aminophylline as been beaten to death by the media lately with mentions on prime time talk shows and even major cable network news. The question of whether it’s an effective cellulite fighter has more or less been proven true and I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see more anti cellulite products shifting to this active ingredient and away from the previously used Caffeine.

Expected Results

Based on the active ingredients found in Procellix you should have good luck pending you use it for the recommended 6 weeks of twice a day application. Part of the key to attaining effective results with a cellulite lotion is using it consistently since it takes time for the visible changes to occur.

Side Effects

There are no serious side affects associated with Procellix, although those with sensitive skin could experience some redness, rash or itching. If you often have troubles with moisturizers or other skin care products you may want to consult your dermatologist.


Right now Procellix is offering a Risk Free trial (click here to see if you qualify) where you can order your first tube and only pay shipping and handling. The cost after the trial period is about $49 for a one month supply. As with most anti cellulite creams if you achieve optimal results you’ll likely continue a maintenance application of Procellix each day. So having more then one months supply on hand isn’t a bad idea.

As far as cellulite creams go, Procellix has the key ingredients that have been shown to produce results when used consistently. If you’re going to give a product a try, this one has the science behind it to back up it’s claims.